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Обложка ⚡️Gift RU - Autopsy Simulator - Deluxe | AUTODELIVERY
Cost of goods:
The product is given a discount to regular customers. If the total amount of product purchases is more than:
The product is intended for the following Steam regions: Russia
You can check your region here: https://store.steampowered.com/account/

After purchasing the product, you will receive the game/software as a gift on your Steam account from us. Delivery is done automatically and usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to receive the product?
1. After payment, you will be instantly redirected to our website, where the game/software transfer procedure will begin.
2. In the window, you will see in real-time that a friend request will be sent to your account from our bot (or without a request if you provide an invitation link).
3. After accepting the bot's friend request within a minute, the product will be delivered to you.

Such cases can occur extremely rarely, but there's no need to worry.

1. Go to your Digiseller personal account after making the payment.
2. Check the "Receive product" button in your order; you might have simply closed the tab after the payment.
If the website is unavailable when you click the button or if you encounter an error that cannot be resolved on our website, then:
3. Open the paid order, open the "correspondence with the seller" tab.
4. In the correspondence with the seller, you need to provide a link to your Steam profile (or a quick invitation link) and a unique verification code (both pieces of information are needed IMMEDIATELY).
5. We will add you as a friend on Steam - as soon as you accept the request, immediately contact us through the correspondence for the Digiseller order to receive the game/software!

100% GUARANTEE - the game/software will NOT be revoked.

• Your Steam region must be set to "Russia," and your computer/Steam program must be connected to a Russian IP address.
• After purchase, you must visit our website to activate the delivery (it is done automatically after payment, or you can open the order and click the "Receive product" button).
• The price of the product is valid ONLY at the time of purchase. If you fail to receive the game/software on time (due to your own fault) and its price changes on Steam (e.g., due to the end of discounts), you will need to pay the price difference.
• Refunds are provided ONLY as partial reimbursement. Refunds are not possible after activation on the account.
• The gift CANNOT be put in your inventory or sent to another Steam profile. You can either accept or decline the gift!
• The guarantee applies at the time of activation; nothing will happen to the gift once activated.

If for any reason the product was not delivered automatically, the seller will deliver it manually:
• If the seller is ONLINE, delivery will be completed within 10 minutes to 9 hours (in extreme cases, for example, due to high demand/busyness).
• If the seller is OFFLINE, delivery may be delayed up to 24 hours.

Our auto-delivery system is the most versatile on the market, as we have carefully designed a variety of smart algorithms that can resolve any errors during game delivery, EVEN if the seller is offline!
What errors can be resolved WITHOUT the seller's involvement on our website during game delivery?

1. If an incorrect profile is specified or an incorrect link is provided, you can change the recipient's link at any time on the website.
2. You can provide a quick invitation link, and the bot will add you WITHOUT any request!
3. If you have an incompatible region, the program will suggest alternative options (e.g., specifying a different recipient profile).
Hyphens are completely legal, nothing bad will happen to your Steam account and the game in the future.
To get the game you need to have a Russian Steam account (Region: Russia, Currency: Rubles, IP: Russia)
If you have a Russian IP + Russian account - you will be able to get a game without problems, after activation - the game becomes global and you will be able to play in your country without VPN and Proxy

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Carefully read the terms of purchase before making it, thank you!
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