Rules for the purchase of goods

Top-game.store is a marketplace that brings sellers and buyers together directly. Top-game.store is not a party to your transaction with the seller and is not responsible for any loss and/or damage that may arise if one of the parties to this transaction fails to fulfill its obligations. Top-game.store does not interfere with the process of your transaction, but only provides a convenient interface for making it. Top-game.store cannot guarantee you 100% honesty of the seller, although for a long time now it has been taking all measures to ensure that sales on the trading platform are made honestly and no one has any questions. Top-game.store is not responsible for the quality of the goods, but is only responsible for the timely delivery of the goods in case of payment.

Product selection

First of all, you must understand that you are buying an electronic product, and you do not have the opportunity to feel it before buying. As practice shows, most misunderstandings in online purchases arise due to the fact that the buyer hastened and inattentively read the terms of sale, delivery or product description. Therefore, take your time, take an extra minute and carefully study all the information about the purchased product and its seller.

When choosing a product, we strongly recommend:

- Examine the product description page very carefully and make sure that this is exactly what you need. All product information is compiled by the seller. From the description it should be clear exactly what you will receive after payment. If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to contact us so that we can advise you on the product.

- Pay attention to the number of sales of the selected product.

- The vast majority of sellers are users of the WebMoney Transfer system. Do not be lazy and read the WM-reviews and WM-claims left by other members of the system.

Payment for goods

To pay for the goods, you should click the "Buy" button on the product card page. You will be redirected to the Oplata.info payment gateway, where, following the instructions, complete the payment procedure in a convenient way for you.

Receive goods

Top-game.store is a marketplace with instant delivery of goods. You get access to all products immediately after payment - you do not have to wait a minute to start using the paid product. If you bought a game key, then immediately after payment you will be provided with a download link, if you bought a prepaid card, then you will be provided with all the details of this card (serial number, pin code) or its scanned image, etc.

If some kind of failure occurred during the payment or receipt of the goods, and in the meantime the funds were debited from your electronic wallet (account, card, etc.), then you can receive the paid goods at any time in the section My Purchases. You can quickly jump to this section from any page of our site using the link located in the upper right corner of the page.

Product review

For each product purchased on our marketplace, you can leave a review, as well as receive an additional gift reviews.

What should I do if I was deceived?

First of all, don't worry and don't worry. As practice shows, in most cases this is not a deception, but a misunderstanding. Most misunderstandings arise due to the fact that either the buyer did not carefully read the conditions of the seller and the description of the goods.

If you think you have been scammed, your sequence of actions should be:

First of all, please read the product description and terms of purchase carefully again. If your inattention has occurred, contact the seller, explain the situation and try to resolve the issue with him. Most likely, the seller will meet you halfway.

If you think the item you received is not as described, please leave negative feedback on the page where the item was received. If the seller does not comment on your review or contact you within 24 hours, please let the marketplace administrator know Contact.

- If the seller is not identified by the presence of a personal certificate of the WebMoney Transfer system, the goods displayed by him will be automatically blocked. In addition, the seller will be notified to contact you.

- If the seller is the owner of a personal certificate of the WebMoney Transfer system, all issues related to the possibility of a refund are resolved through "buyer-seller" negotiations as part of a dispute over a negative review, and also, if necessary, by contacting WebMoney Arbitration.

Attention! Regardless of the payment method, a refund is possible only to the WebMoney system wallet or by crediting to the mobile phone account of Russian telecom operators, QIWI-wallet, bank card of the Russian Federation / Ukraine region, USDT wallet (TRC20 ) or to a merchant's gift card. Additional costs associated with the conversion of electronic currencies are not compensated. If you are not registered in the WebMoney Transfer payment system, then the registration process will take you no more than 5 minutes. Other costs associated with the conversion of electronic currencies are not compensated. An exception is the refund when paying for goods through the PayPal system, such a refund is made within the PayPal system in accordance with the established regulations of the user PayPal agreement (clause 11 "Protection programs provided by PayPal").

Using the internal chat on the product in the zone My purchases, contact the seller and try to resolve the problem.

If the issue cannot be resolved by settlement and you intend to sue the seller, Top-game.store will act as a witness to the transaction and provide the court with all the information it has about the seller, as well as information about the circumstances of the disputed transaction.