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Обложка Alan Wake 2 DELUXE EDITION 🚀 | Epic Games | GLOBAL🌎
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By purchasing this product you will instantly receive a joint Epic Games account with the game Alan Wake 2 for offline activation of the game, LOGIN:PASSWORD

The account can ONLY be used in offline mode.
1 Activation - 1 PC
The game can be updated.
You will have access to your account forever.
Account data cannot be changed.
The account has no regional restrictions.
The purchased game is constantly updated by the publisher.
Help and account maintenance if necessary.
To use your account, you do not need to download third-party software; you receive a login:password to log into the official Epic Games client
All accounts are your own, which means that you will not lose access to the game.
Before activation, make sure that you will be playing on this PC and that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for this game.
If your PC can't play the game or you have a compatibility problem, I won't issue a refund; if you bought it by mistake, I won't issue a refund either.
The account is not suitable for cloud gaming (Playkey, Geforce NOW, etc.)

⭐️Permanent guarantee - access to the game as long as technical possibility exists (restrictions on offline play from the platform)
Minimum warranty period 30 days, extended if technical feasibility remains
You can use it for as long as possible; we do not limit the time you can use your account.
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By purchasing this product you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

What's included in Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition:
Exclusive content in the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition:
digital version of the main game
season pass
Night Keys expansion (additional story content)**
Lake House expansion (optional story content)**
"Scandinavian" skin for Saga's shotgun
crimson windbreaker for Saga
celebrity costume for Alan
“Parliamentary” shotgun skin for Alan
pendant "Lantern" for Saga***

Available languages:
VOICE OVER: English, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, French
TEXT: English, German, French, Spanish - Spain, Spanish - Latin America, Japanese, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil
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