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You buy a GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V license key for XBOX and are guaranteed to receive an order immediately after payment. The system will issue the order itself, automatically.
🔨 Product activation
After you have logged into your account, you need to:
1. Go to "Settings"
2. "Account Management"
3. "Activate as primary PS4". Where it says "Activate" - it should be gray, MANDATORY to throw off a photo of this inscription.
4. Go to "Library"
5. "Purchased"
6. Put the game on download.
7. Go straight to your main account.
8. Wait for the download to complete.
9. In the future, it is forbidden to enter the purchased account
10. Enjoy the game.

Description of GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V
Los Santos is the city of the sun, starlets and runaway stars. Once the envy of the entire Western world, it is now the home of crappy reality shows, suffocating in the grip of economic problems. At the center of the whole mess - a trio of completely different criminals, desperately trying to grab luck by the tail in the ongoing struggle for a place in the sun. Former street gang member Franklin is trying to get over his past. Retired bank robber Michael discovers that honest life is not as rosy as it seemed. Turned on violence, the psycho Trevor is interrupted from one business to another in the hope of hitting a big jackpot. Having exhausted their options, these three put their own lives on the line and commit a series of daring robberies, in which either pan or go. In Grand Theft Auto V, fans will not only find the largest and most detailed world ever created by Rockstar Games, but also the opportunity to influence the lives and actions of three main characters at once. Such an interweaving of the stories of several characters will make the game as exciting and exciting as possible.
When buying this product, make sure that you have read the instructions and know what to do after receiving the goods.
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