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The product is given a discount to regular customers. If the total amount of product purchases is more than:
We give you the opportunity to download the game to your console so that you can play from your profile.

Console - PS4

Country Turkey (eng+rus)

Account games:


Instructions for use:

Deactivation is not necessary! we perform all actions immediately from our console.

Instructions for activating your console on a purchased PS4 account:

1. Create a new user by turning on the set-top box or by long pressing the "PS" button;

2. Next, enter the login and password for the purchased account.

3. Press the "Login" button. Then the console will prompt you to activate your console on this account, click "Activate as primary";

4. Enter the Library, it is located at the end of the list of games on the main menu. A list of content will open, download everything that interests you;

5. After adding games to the download, hold down the "PS" button and select "Log out PS4", thereby you log out of the user with the purchased account;

6. Log in to your user and after completing all the downloads, you can safely PLAY.

Terms of Use By purchasing this product, you automatically agree to the following:

1) It is forbidden to play on the purchased account;

2) Play strictly from your user;

3) Data from the account is FORBIDDEN to change!;

4)Re-entry is prohibited, but if you need to download, reinstall, etc. then write to us in correspondence, we will help you;

The account was created personally by us and if you try to violate the terms of use (attempt to change data), we will immediately notice this and you will lose the opportunity to play further!

Guarantees and benefits of our accounts:

1. The account was created by us personally and the games were also bought officially in the Russian store.

2. We always have access to your account, and in case of any problems feel free to write to us.

3. It is possible to sell us an account back if the game is boring or does not live up to expectations. For this question, you can always contact us in the correspondence on the page for receiving the goods.

4. We guarantee that the game will work for you for six months.
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